Machine Specification

Platform Aviation Cast Aluminum
Dimensions (cm) 52 x 65 x 72 
Weight  120 kg
Dry Milling Yes 
Tool Station 8
Tool Length sensor Induktive Sensor
Shank Diameter 4mm
Block Holder Type C holder / C Tutucu
Spindle Speed 60.000RPM
Spindle Power 1.4Kw - 2.2Kw
Number of Axis 5 Axis
Axis Movements 210 x 120 x 110
A Axis Angle +135 / -30
B axis Angle +/ - 360
Max. Tilt Angle ±30 Degree
Home Position Yes
Dust Proof Integrated Silicone
Processing Thickness 10-35mm
Millable Material  Zirconia,PMMA,WAX,PEEK,HPP,Soft Metal
90°Buccal Side Machining Yes
File Transfer WİFİ , Network , USB
Compressed Air Pressure 6 Bar
Machining time Full Crown <15min,Bridge<3h


  • CAM Software (Millbox or Hyperdent)
  • Vaccum


Tools and Software

Cuttable Material

  • Zirconia
  • PMMA
  • WAX
  • PEEK
  • HPP
  • Soft Metal

Machine Images

Machine Videos