EVENTS » 5x Pro+ Has Been Lounched

After a long R&D and innovation process of approximately 2.5 years, Alfamill was launched with a great presentation.
As Alfamill, we have been following the technological developments in the sector with our experience of more than 15 years, and the disadvantages of the CAD / CAM devices in the market have been investigated by the technicians and minimized in the Alfamill 5x Pro+ project. In addition, with the probe technology we have developed, the calibration problem, which has become a customer's nightmare, has been solved with this R&D. All Alfamill 5x Pro+ customers have the Hybrid Milling option.

What is Hybrid Manufacturing?

We are talking about the laser sintering machine, which is an important innovation in the dental industry with the developing technology. Laser sintering machines are machines that produce all dental prosthesis and implant forms quickly. With its probe feature, Alfamill 5x Pro+ allows dental prosthesis and all other tooth forms from laser sintering machines to have a better surface quality.